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Do you need to straighten that smile? Are you interested in dental braces or Invisalign? The orthodontists at Yale Station Dental Group in Denver provide expert knowledge on the types of treatments needed to align your teeth and jaw.

What our Denver Orthodontists Do

Our orthodontists at Yale Station Dental Group in Denver are highly qualified dentists who have taken an additional three years of educational study on top of their dental degree. Our orthodontists are experts in correcting misalignments of the teeth and jaw. Some of the most common issues that our Denver orthodontists can treat are underbites, overcrowding, and malocclusions, also known as a “bad bite”. Our orthodontists in Denver, will give you expert knowledge on the best solutions to treat any of the issues you may be having due to misalignment.

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Our Orthodontic Treatments in Denver

The orthodontists at Yale Station Dental Group in Denver will conduct a thorough examination of your jaw and teeth. We will look at your bite impressions via panoramic x-rays. Our orthodontists in Denver will recommend the best treatment plan for your individual situation.

  • Dental Braces: Braces are one of the most popular orthodontic options. An arch wire connects each bracket that are affixed to each individual tooth. Dental braces can be made of metal, ceramics or clear materials, such as Invisalign.
  • Headgear and facemasks: Generally, headgears are used to correct a developmental problem, such as an under or overbite. Headgear usually will accompany dental braces. Our Denver orthodontists will design the headgear to fit around the head. The structure will help the teeth and jawbone alignment.
  • Retainers: Our Denver orthodontists provide patients with retainers after removing dental braces and headgear. The retainer ensures that the teeth do not move back toward their original position.

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If you’re in need of highly qualified orthodontic services in Denver, look no further than Yale Station Dental Group. Our experienced Denver orthodontists will provide exceptional services when it comes to dealing with dental braces, headgear, or retainers. We provide free consultations to all our patients. What are you waiting for? Get your best smile with the Denver orthodontists at Yale Station Dental Group, give us a call today!

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